Custom Built Steel Cabins

Why Choose Steel?

All of our cabins are built using our pre-engineered galvanized steel frame, eliminating the need for interior load bearing walls and giving you the flexibility to choose your own floor plan.

Siding Options

All of our cabins come standard with either our 40 year painted agricultural rib siding that can be run horizontally or vertically, custom formed metal lap siding, or we can prep the exterior for more traditional  options.


If your cabin is going to used as a forever home or a vacation/hunting destination, we can insulate it to allow for up to R22 use or go with a sprayed in closed cell insulation for R35 performance.

Doors & Windows

Because we do all of the design and layout work in house, the sky's the limit in choosing your doors & windows.

Floor Plan

Let us design your floor plan based on your family's needs or bring us one of your own.